• Brotherhood of Ukrainian Catholics
  • Council of Ukrainian Credit Unions
  • Help Us Help The Children
  • League of Ukrainian Canadians
  • Plast Ukrainian Youth Association of Canada
  • Ukrainian Canadian Congress, National
  • Ukrainian Canadian Congress Ontario Provincial Council
  • Ukrainian Canadian Congress, Alberta Provincial Council
  • Ukrainian Canadian Congress, Manitoba Provincial Council
  • Ukrainian Canadian Congress, Saskatchewan Provincial Council
  • Ukrainian Canadian Social Services
  • Ukrainian National Federation
  • Ukrainian Self Reliance League

How does CUF benefit its members?

CUF adds value to work its members do, without duplicating or competing with the projects of member organizations. CUF’s activities:

  • foster coordination among Canadian community projects in Ukraine
  • eliminate duplication by sharing information
  • help members get more quality and impact for their project dollar by accumulating shared experiences
  • contribute funding to community-wide, priority projects
  • conduct research and evaluations, setting standards for volunteer community projects
  • encourage public interest, volunteerism and contributions by all Canadians
  • recognize corporations that support charitable work in Ukraine

CUF continually monitors and actively researches what governments and other foundations are doing in Ukraine.