Nadia Luciw has been an educator for 42 years. Although Nadia started off in a classroom, the majority of her career – 35 years – has been in administration. She is the founding principal of St. Sofia Elementary School , the first Byzantine Rite school in Mississauga, Ontario. In l992, Nadia helped found the Institute for Professional Development of Teachers, which holds yearly summer courses in various cities across Ukraine. Nadia was the co-ordinator and principal of the summer institutes, co-instructor of a course for administrators, and co-author of a manual for the course. Since l998, Nadia has been the chair of the Educational Council at the Ukrainian World Congress and during that time was co-organizer of a conference on Language and Identity. She is also a member of the UWC International Co-Ordinating Committee – Famine l932-33.

Nadia is active in the scouting organization PLAST, both as a counselor and leader. She is a member of the Catholic Women’s League of St. Nicholas Parish in Toronto and was chair of the St. Nicholas Jubilee Committee.

Nadia graduated from Rutgers University with a BA in History and Political Science. She has a Master in Education from the University of Toronto. For her work in the field of education in Ukraine, she received the Medal of Vidminyk Osvity. For her work in the community, she was awarded the medal in gold of the Eternal Flame from PLAST.She also is the recpient of the the medal of St. Volodomyr from the Ukrainian World Congress for her work in Ukraine and Canada.