Innocent Ukrainians Are Dying Each Day as the Russian Invasion Continues

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Ukraine is facing a humanitarian crisis because of Russia's attacks.

April 9, 2022. Thanks to the generosity of individuals, organizations and businesses, the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal is pleased to announce that $30 million in donations have been pledged across Canada. This includes more than 55,000 donations from large corporations, community fundraising events and individual donors.

“With almost $10M in aid delivered and committed, we know that the scale of Russia’s violent war on Ukraine will mean the need to support Ukraine for many months and years,” said Orest Sklierenko, President of the Canada Ukraine Foundation. “The Ukrainian Canadian community will be there to provide support and deliver much-needed aid to help with the largest humanitarian crisis in Europe since World War 2.”

For 27 years the Canada Ukraine Foundation has been working to support humanitarian projects in Ukraine. Many stakeholders and donors have entrusted CUF with their support, and CUF will continue to evaluate the needs on the ground and deliver support when and where it is required, taking care to assess the impact of each provision of aid prior to using the same channel again.

The Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal has also delivered aid to Ukrainian displaced persons in Romania and Moldova. CUF is working with more than a dozen organizations and projects to help alleviate the worst humanitarian crisis in Europe since WWII.

The following article by Marco Levytsky was published April 7 in New Pathway Ukrainian News

CUF helps evacuate 2500 deaf Ukrainians

Some 2500 deaf Ukrainians have been evacuated to safety thanks to the generosity of the Canada-Ukraine Foundation.

Transportation has been by bus, train, and private vehicles, and some of the deaf citizens from eastern Ukraine have been moved to deaf centres and schools in Western Ukraine. Humanitarian aid is also being used for food, water, and life necessities.

CUF funds are also supporting countless others staying in the country, and cover the crucial sign language interpreting services, says Debra Russell, former President of the World Association of Sign Language Interpreters and member of the Alberta Stands with Ukraine group.

Sign language interpreters have largely stayed in Ukraine and were volunteering until we were able to support them. The government updates are interpreted, as well interpreting is happening at hospitals, government offices for people to secure papers required to leave, in deaf centres where people go for the latest updates on the war.

CUF rushed the large shipment to Ukraine and directed it for efficient and strategic distribution by the recently-formed Medical Service of the Plast National Scout Organization of Ukraine, which along with its partner organizations quickly determined four metropolitan areas of focus where the Russian attacks on the country had resulted in major humanitarian need.

Dr. Markian Mandziuk, Acting Head of Plast Medical Service, noted, “We have no right to stop, and we will not stop! Plast Medical Service will continue to help the people of Ukraine, for a speedy victory and a better tomorrow for our motherland!”

Ukrainian hospital staffers sent this message about the syringes, for their new Canadian friends: “We are grateful for your help and your caring. These syringes are interesting to use, because we had used simpler ones in our usual work, but we learn quickly and use them to help civilians who now need help.”

Please donate today to support millions of Ukrainian families who have been displaced from their homes.

Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal Update - May 25

The Ukrainian people continue their heroic defence of their homeland from Russia’s genocidal war. The humanitarian situation in Ukraine is critical and the needs are immense. Thanks to your generous support and commitment the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal is able to deliver aid and assistance– both in Ukraine and to Ukrainians who have sought refuge in bordering countries.

CUF continues to assist the currently strained healthcare sector in Ukraine, at the same time rapidly aligning our partner linkages for an impactful result. One such successful project started when Orest Sushko at Humber College in Toronto reached out to us, having recognized that a substantial quantity of a medical product could be made available for Ukraine: namely, high-quality syringes that were in supply on campus. “Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and now with the war in Ukraine, Humber has worked with our community partners to provide assistance whenever we could,” said Tyler Charlebois, Director, Centres of Innovation Network and Partnership Development, Humber College. “We are so pleased that more than 165,000 unused syringes left over from our COVID-19 vaccination clinics were able to be shipped to Ukraine to provide some medical supply relief during the humanitarian crisis happening there.” 

Source: The Ottawa Citizen

Generous donations of life-saving equipment were collected from the Montfort Hospital, Queensway Carleton Hospital, the University of Ottawa Heart Institute, The Ottawa Hospital, Brockville General Hospital, the Kingston Health Sciences Centre and Healthcare Linen Services.

The collection of donations from hospitals was led by Dr. Tetyana Rogalska, and CUF funded the logistics costs of the movement to Ukraine.

“This lifesaving equipment is in addition to the previous 60 pallets over the past 2 months. We are actively seeking additional donations from hospitals and suppliers across Canada,” said Victor Hetmanczuk, Chair of the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal Committee.

Due to security issues, CUF will not identify the receiving locations institutions in Ukraine. Please donate to the appeal today to support millions of Ukrainian families who have been displaced from their homes. #HelpUkraineNow

To support the continuing work of the Canada-Ukraine Foundation in delivering assistance projects generated by Canadians to Ukraine. Your donation ensures our programs and committees receive the funding they need to provide life-changing aid to Ukraine, especially during these troubled times.

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