2023 in review – thank you for your support!

As we look back on 2023, we would like to extend our sincere gratitude to all who showed their unwavering support of our vital work! Thank you for your time organizing fundraisers, thank you for the generous pledges and donations in kind, thank you for keeping Ukraine and Ukrainians at the forefront, as the world kept turning – your donations made all the difference in over a million lives – thank you for being the Light!

This year, our primary focus remained on humanitarian relief efforts in Ukraine though the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal – our joint effort with the Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC), launched in January of 2022. To date, we have dispersed $50 million in food, medicine, medical equipment, surgical aid, mental health support, ambulances, generators and gear for the first responders, as well as launched new long-term projects such as demining and rehabilitation of war victims.

We expanded that effort with the humanitarian assistance to Displaced Ukrainians who found their temporary refuge here in Canada through the multitude of projects across the country. $1.2 million distributed to help with food security, shelter, newcomer orientation, language (ESL, FSL) and psycho-social support.

Additionally, for a second year in the row, we sponsored two weeks of summer camp for almost 1,500 displaced children from Ukraine at 38 locations across Canada and provided 61 CUF bursaries to displaced post-secondary Ukrainian students, in partnership with the Shevchenko Foundation.


Aid to Ukraine since February 2022: $50 million

  • Food and Hygiene kits
  • Ambulances, Medical Equipment, Medicines
  • Surgical Missions – CUSAP
  • Evacuation of Cancer Patients to Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto
  • Mental Health Support
  • Rehabilitation and Prosthesis
  • Shelter for Women and Children
  • First Responders Gear, Rescue Boats, Demining Robots
  • Generators, Stoves, Beds and Bedding

Winterization Projects: December 2023 – April 2024

  • Medicine to 38 hospitals along the front line
  • 30,000 Food Boxes for 75,000 people
  • 2,400 Beds, Mattresses, Bedding to internally displaced persons
  • 3,000 Wood-Burning Stoves to families living in remote areas
  • 6,000 Thermal Blankets
  • & Christmas gifts to over 1,000 children

Long-term projects:

  • Surgical Missions – CUSAP
  • Rehabilitation of war victims
  • Mental Health Support Programs for Adults & Children
  • First Aid Training for civilians and paramedics
  • Demining: Education and Technical Aspects

Our work would not be possible without our many trusted partners and the unwavering support of our donors – thank you!

Russia’s brutal war on Ukraine is devastating – amidst the loss and pain, we stand with our brothers and sisters. Please help us continue our vital work and donate at