The total funds raised during the two week matching pledge period reached almost $3M, including the $1M pledge from Martha Rogers!

Overwhelming $1,878,888 were donated to Canada-Ukraine Foundation (CUF) over the two weeks of Martha Rogers’ generous pledge to match up to $1 million of donations made between August 24th and September 7th!

Thank you to Martha Rogers for the most generous endorsement of CUF and its critical mission!

Thank you to all our donors for the exceptional kindness and generosity!

This is a show of tremendous support of Ukrainians during this dark chapter in their history, and of CUF’s strong track record of providing humanitarian assistance to Ukraine.

The 1,878,888 were assigned by donors as follows:

  • Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal – $1,049,548
  • Displaced Ukrainians Appeal – $511,435
  • Canada Ukraine Surgical Aid Program – $317,905

Martha Rogers’ $1,000,000 matching pledge has been allocated, as originally communicated in the press release, with $500,000 going to “Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal”, $250,000 to “Displaced Ukrainians Appeal”, and $250,000 to “Canada Ukraine Surgical Aid Program”.

Our heartfelt thank you for the unparalleled good will of all who took the time and made the donation!


The Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal is a joint program by the Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC) and the Canada-Ukraine Foundation (CUF), with the aim of  providing a coordinated approach to humanitarian with emphasis on getting assistance quickly and efficiently to those in need in Ukraine. The main efforts of cooperation are to provide humanitarian assistance with respect to displaced persons, medical care, emergency shelter and food security. 

To date, we received $43M in donations, $22M of which have been dispersed and allocated.

The “Help Displaced Ukrainians” Appeal – is a parallel fund, established by Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal to deploy support to displaced Ukrainian families arriving in Canada.

The Canada Ukraine Surgical Aid Program, supported by CUF, provides surgical care to war casualties, with care provided by internists, orthopaedic, head and neck, general, vascular, oculoplastic and burn surgeons, in addition to plastic, hand, craniofacial and neurosurgeons and paediatrics.

Canada-Ukraine Foundation (CUF) was established in 1995 to coordinate, develop, organize and deliver assistance projects generated by Canadians and directed to Ukraine and to the Ukrainian diaspora in Canada.