Easter Greetings from the Canada-Ukraine Foundation

This Easter, our thoughts and hearts are with millions of Ukrainians who were forced to leave their homes, their loved ones, and those who lost family members in this war. Our prayers are with brave Ukrainian defenders, volunteers, and those who help Ukraine in so many different ways.

While all of us watch in horror the atrocities being committed in Ukraine, the Canada Ukraine Foundation was created to help precisely during this type of crisis. 

Partnering with UCC, we established the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal to help streamline efforts in assistance to displaced persons, medical care, emergency shelter and food security.

Generous support from communities and donors all across Canada has enabled us to deliver aid within days of the onset of the attacks and continue to deliver the assistance and be able to do so for the coming months. The need will not go away soon. 

With your support, we will continue to help Ukrainians as they rebuild their lives in the coming months and years.

We hope that the Resurrection of Jesus Christ will bring the revival of hope and future to Ukraine and the Ukrainian people.

There will always be a Ukraine!

Слава Україні!

Героям Слава!