Myhal Family Foundation announces pledge of $6M to the Canada-Ukraine Foundation in support of humanitarian initiatives in Ukraine.

Rayla Myhal, President of the Myhal Family Foundation, and Orest Sklierenko, President & CEO of CUF

Early in 2022, the Canada-Ukraine Foundation (CUF) and the Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC) established the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal. As a result of the generosity of donors from across Canada, following the full-scale invasion of Ukraine on February 24th 2022, the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal was well-positioned to respond in a timely manner. The first tranche of humanitarian aid via the CUF-UCC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal reached Ukraine 4 days after the invasion. The broad and robust support of the appeal in the early days included a generous donation of $250,000 from the Myhal Family Foundation.

Founded in 1995, the Canada-Ukraine Foundation has an almost 30-year track record of delivering aid to Ukraine. Since February 2022, the joint CUF-UCC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal has delivered over $35M in emergency humanitarian aid to the many millions of Ukrainians affected by the largest humanitarian crisis in Europe since WWII.

Recognizing CUF’s long-standing track record, especially the work it has done over the past 18 months, the Myhal Family Foundation has announced further support of the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal with the pledge of $6,000,000 over the next three years.

“It is an honour to receive such a generous endorsement from the Myhal Family Foundation, created by Rayla and George Myhal, which has supported a diverse range of important causes in Canada”, said Orest Sklierenko, President and CEO of CUF.

“Russia’s genocidal war on Ukraine continues, and the Ukrainian people, however resilient and brave, need our unwavering support to survive and ensure victory for Ukraine. We hope our donation will enable CUF to continue strategic delivery of essential and critical aid to Ukraine”, said Rayla Myhal, President of the Myhal Family Foundation.

“The first donation of $2,000,000 has been received and is being directed towards the identified critical needs in Ukraine via the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Rayla and George Myhal for their faith in our work”, said Victor Hetmanczuk, Chair of the Board of Directors of CUF.

To read about the humanitarian relief work of the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal, or to make a donation today, please go to our website.