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The Canada-Ukraine Foundation (CUF) has supported surgical missions to Ukraine, under the leadership of Dr. Oleh Antonyshyn, since 2014 to treat those who suffered severe injuries during the Revolution of Dignity in 2013 and subsequent war in Eastern Ukraine. In 2019, a partnership between CUF and the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre was initiated to support training the next generation of Ukrainian doctors by providing comprehensive education in reconstructive surgery.

The educational aspect has seen Ukrainian surgeons join the missions of the Canada Ukraine Surgical Aid Program (CUSAP) to learn first-hand how to operate in a multidisciplinary team environment and gain skills, knowledge, and expertise to help patients locally.

Since launching the educational component, over 40 Ukrainian surgeons and physicians have joined CUSAP missions. The doctors from Ukraine are involved in every stage of patient care; they participate in pre-operative patient consults with the Canadian medical team, observe and assist in surgeries, and help care for patients after their operations. The Ukrainian doctors also gain in-depth knowledge of each patient’s treatment plan, which includes follow-up procedures completed in Ukraine as part of the multi-stage surgical plan.

Dr. Oleh Antonyshyn believes that surgery is an important aspect of the humanitarian initiative, but an overarching goal is to build capacity in Ukraine, so that doctors can become self-sufficient and perform advanced procedures locally going forward.

Ukrainian surgeons are extremely grateful for the opportunity to enhance their practical and professional skills and benefit from observerships and mentorships with Canadian volunteers.

A few words from some of the Ukrainian surgeons…

Providing advanced hands-on surgical experience to Ukrainian doctors in the time of war is crucial. We are grateful to all who supported and continue to support CUSAP, and we value our partnership with the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre. Together, we can make a real difference and bring hope and healing through life-changing surgeries and education!

Canada Ukraine Surgical Aid Program – CUSAP is a humanitarian surgical aid initiative that provides life-changing care to patients affected by the war in Ukraine. To learn more and support, follow the link.

Canada-Ukraine Foundation (CUF) – founded in 1995, CUF has a strong track record of providing humanitarian assistance to Ukraine in the areas of healthcare, education and civil society. CUF collaborates with aid providers in Ukraine, Canada, and beyond to maximize impact and cost-effectiveness of your support. For more information, please follow the link.