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Petition To Have The Word “Holodomor” Included In The World’s Dictionaries

“#Deeptruth” Campaign by the National Holodomor Awareness Tour

Cutting-edge “Deepfake” technology is typically used to manipulate the truth and promote lies through video manipulation. HNAT has launched #Deeptruth, which delivers a compelling twist: employing Deepfake to tell the truth about the Holodomor genocide in Ukraine — from the man who perpetrated it: Joseph Stalin.

Using rare colour film footage of Joseph Stalin, the Soviet dictator’s features have been painstakingly mapped onto the face of a modern-day actor, effectively bringing Stalin back to life. In the video, Stalin lays claim to his right to be credited as the true originator of “Fake News” by denying the Holodomor and successfully concealing from the world how he engineered the famine in Ukraine in 1932-1933, killing millions of innocent men, women and children.

Sign the online petition to have the word “Holodomor” recognized by Oxford, Merriam-Webster, and