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News from Dzherelo Children’s Rehabilitation Centre

Dzherelo Children’s Rehabilitation Centre in Lviv, Ukraine has been operating differently since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, yet it continues to meet the children’s needs and many new challenges.

Much is happening: in-person services and programs are undertaken with safety protocols in place, as well as online support and instruction/education for parents, children, and youth. A home visits program for Early Intervention services was initiated. As a result, two more Dzherelo community branches opened for children and youth, and two more outreach branches are being planned. Professional development for staff was undertaken, where video interaction supervisors were trained and certified. In addition, Dzherelo Centre continues to share its knowledge and experience with teams from other cities in Ukraine, such as Vinnytsia. Dzherelo was recently recognized for its innovations and is partnering with UNESCO to expand their unique communication program through different parts of the country. Dzherelo is in the final stages of a significant structural renovations project that included the modernization of systems in the original Dzherelo building, which were showing signs of deterioration.

One cannot overstate the importance of all the valuable support Dzherelo has received from Canada since its inception in 1993, including the four tireless co-founders, consultants for organizational development, as well as architectural and construction consultants. Canadian Armed Forces continue to volunteer and provide financial support. And volunteers from Friends of Dzherelo in Toronto provide awareness and fundraising. For all this Dzherelo is truly grateful!

This past September, these same volunteer Friends of Dzherelo raised funds through their “Mira’s Treasures Pop-Up Sale” event. They brought over two hundred participants to the Plast Huculak Centre in Toronto to donate and buy various pre-loved personal objects, clothing, books, and jewelry.

The Director of Dzherelo Centre, Zoreslava Liulchak, writes:
“In order to keep Dzherelo a valuable and unique organization, there is a great need for us to share our commitment to improve the quality of life for all our chil-dren. Dzherelo thanks you and all their many supporters for their help.”

The Directors and supporters of Dzherelo Centre are dreaming BIG; they wish to expand their unique network of services in Ukraine. Two more satellite branches are planned (no.7 & no.8) in Lviv, plus a first-in-Ukraine “Supported Living Residence” for young people and assistants. They wish to spread expertise on alternative and supportive methods of communication for children with disabilities to other parts of Ukraine.