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Six Months of #Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal

Today marks six months since the launch of Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal on January 27th

This CUF-UCC joint project was established almost a month before russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine on February 24th, which enabled a swift delivery of humanitarian aid – both in Ukraine and to Ukrainians who have sought refuge in bordering countries and in Canada.

Thanks to your generosity, in the past six months the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal:

  • Delivered food boxes to 130,000 families in 21 Oblasts
  • Purchased 3 months of medicines for 100,000 people
  • Sent the first shipment of 140MT of buckwheat seed to Ukraine for planting this year
  • Delivered 160 pallets of hospital equipment / medical supplies throughout Ukraine, including 7 pallets of IFAK’s
  • Completed two evacuation flights for children with brain cancer to Sick Kids Toronto
  • Arranged for training psychologists in Ukraine to treat the mental health of 5000 patients
  • Set up funding for 2000 displaced children in Ukrainian-operated summer camps in Canada
  • Delivered 8000 food boxes in Moldova and 3000 food boxes in Romania to displaced persons’ families
  • Committed/distributed $15.5 million of donations

See our website for all press-releases to date.

Due to the severity of russia’s invasion, our work is only beginning. The Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal continues to lead and support many projects in parallel to ensure essential assistance and aid is delivered to where it is needed most.


The Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal has been established jointly by the Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC) and the Canada Ukraine Foundation (CUF) to formalize a coordinated approach in providing humanitarian assistance quickly and efficiently to those in need in Ukraine to address any further aggression by russia. The main efforts of cooperation are to provide humanitarian assistance/relief in the areas of assistance to displaced persons, medical care, emergency shelter and food security.

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Ukrainian Canadian summer camp support program for displaced Ukrainian children across Canada

TORONTO/OTTAWA – The UCC–CUF Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal announced today the launch of the Ukrainian Canadian summer camp support program for displaced Ukrainian children to attend summer camps in Canada organized by Ukrainian Canadian organizations during the summer of 2022.

The Ukrainian Canadian summer camp support program will cover the cost for children who attend a summer camp in Canada, up to $350 per child per week for up to 2 weeks. “The Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal summer camp program will provide an opportunity for Ukrainian children – displaced from their homes because of Russia’s genocidal war against Ukraine – to adjust to life in Canada, to meet new friends, and to share the joys and life experiences that no children should ever be deprived of,” stated Alexandra Chyczij, National President of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress. “We are very grateful to the many generous donors from coast to coast in Canada, who continue to support the Humanitarian Appeal’s efforts in delivering humanitarian relief to the Ukrainian people.”

To confirm qualifications and discuss the process and reporting guidelines, the Canada-Ukraine Foundation encourages qualifying organizations to reach out to the Foundation through your local Canada Ukraine Foundation (CUF) director (see our website) or by filling out our apply for funding form on our website. 

“Children have been among the biggest victims of Russia’s war of aggression This is one small way we can help child refugees deal with the trauma of being uprooted from their lives – offering access to recreational programs with other Ukrainian children,” said Orest Sklierenko, President and CEO of the Canada Ukraine Foundation. “We look forward to working with our partners and making this program a success.”

CUF also encourages parents of children planning to attend summer camps to contact the organizers running the program and inquire about this support.

A complete list of participating organizations and links to their websites will be posted on the CUF website in the coming days.

Your donation is needed to help support this important community project!

Donations in support of humanitarian relief can be made through:

Email: [email protected]


In January 2022 the Ukrainian Canadian Congress and the Canada-Ukraine Foundation launched the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal – a joint effort to provide humanitarian relief to displaced persons in medical care, emergency shelter and food security. Today, Russia’s increased attacks on Ukraine have resulted in 15M affected people, including 6M who have left Ukraine, the largest humanitarian crisis in Europe since World War II. Thousands of displaced Ukrainians, primarily mothers and children, have made their way to Canada.

Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal received around $40M in donations from all corners of Canada, including funds from provinces, family foundations, corporations, organizations, churches, large and small businesses, and tens of thousands of individual donors across the country. The funds deployed to date have been used to provide emergency humanitarian relief in emergency food, hygiene, and medical supplies for the millions of affected families in and around Ukraine.

Some donors have also approached the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal and offered their generous donations to support displaced Ukrainians in Canada.

As a result of the increasing volume of these requests across Canada, the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal has launched a parallel Fund to track and deploy support to displaced Ukrainian families in Canada.

All donors giving to CUF can decide whether to donate to emergency humanitarian support in and around Ukraine, or to support displaced Ukrainians in Canada, by visiting the CUF website or mailing their donation to CUF’s office.

The Ukrainian Canadian Congress brings together all the national, provincial, and local Ukrainian Canadian organizations under one umbrella.

The Canada-Ukraine Foundation was formed in 1995 to coordinate, develop, organize, and deliver assistance projects generated by Canadians and directed to Ukraine. For almost three decades, the Canada-Ukraine Foundation has helped coordinate and provide humanitarian aid to Ukraine as it strives to strengthen its democracy through economic prosperity and freedom.

Donations in support of humanitarian relief and displaced Ukrainians can be made through: For further information: [email protected]

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Op-Ed Article Published in The Winnipeg Free Press

An Op-Ed article about Russia’s elite, written by CUF national executive member Bohdan Romaniuk, was recently published in the Winnipeg Free Press. The article can be viewed here.

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News from Dzherelo Children’s Rehabilitation Centre

Dzherelo Children’s Rehabilitation Centre in Lviv, Ukraine has been operating differently since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, yet it continues to meet the children’s needs and many new challenges.

Much is happening: in-person services and programs are undertaken with safety protocols in place, as well as online support and instruction/education for parents, children, and youth. A home visits program for Early Intervention services was initiated. As a result, two more Dzherelo community branches opened for children and youth, and two more outreach branches are being planned. Professional development for staff was undertaken, where video interaction supervisors were trained and certified. In addition, Dzherelo Centre continues to share its knowledge and experience with teams from other cities in Ukraine, such as Vinnytsia. Dzherelo was recently recognized for its innovations and is partnering with UNESCO to expand their unique communication program through different parts of the country. Dzherelo is in the final stages of a significant structural renovations project that included the modernization of systems in the original Dzherelo building, which were showing signs of deterioration.

One cannot overstate the importance of all the valuable support Dzherelo has received from Canada since its inception in 1993, including the four tireless co-founders, consultants for organizational development, as well as architectural and construction consultants. Canadian Armed Forces continue to volunteer and provide financial support. And volunteers from Friends of Dzherelo in Toronto provide awareness and fundraising. For all this Dzherelo is truly grateful!

This past September, these same volunteer Friends of Dzherelo raised funds through their “Mira’s Treasures Pop-Up Sale” event. They brought over two hundred participants to the Plast Huculak Centre in Toronto to donate and buy various pre-loved personal objects, clothing, books, and jewelry.

The Director of Dzherelo Centre, Zoreslava Liulchak, writes:
“In order to keep Dzherelo a valuable and unique organization, there is a great need for us to share our commitment to improve the quality of life for all our chil-dren. Dzherelo thanks you and all their many supporters for their help.”

The Directors and supporters of Dzherelo Centre are dreaming BIG; they wish to expand their unique network of services in Ukraine. Two more satellite branches are planned (no.7 & no.8) in Lviv, plus a first-in-Ukraine “Supported Living Residence” for young people and assistants. They wish to spread expertise on alternative and supportive methods of communication for children with disabilities to other parts of Ukraine.


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“Stependiat” Sponsorship of Higher Education for Orphanage Students in Ukraine

“Stependiat” sponsorship program is mounted by the charitable foundation “Pryyateli Ditey” in Kyiv under the direction of Maryna Krysa.

The goal of this project is to provide orphans graduating from an Internat (high school) the opportunity to receive a higher education from post-secondary institutions.

A Director of an orphanage tries to find placement for his students either in a local technical school or college with courses such as electricity, plumbing, masonry, culinary skills, hairdressing, massage, or transportation. He aims higher for his more promising students who are capable of tackling accounting, taxes, engineering, economics, medicine. National University of Kyiv Mohyla Academy has created a “catch-up” year for such students since they’ve had a lesser quality education in an orphanage, after which they can then enter first year.

Through the Stependiat program a Director works with Maryna Krysa to facilitate the often traumatic move out into the world from the cocoon-like safety of an orphanage. Therefore, seminars are held by Pryyateli Ditey for groups of about 20 new students each summer, where they meet and learn survival skills from teachers and psychologists covering topics such as safety, medical care, finances, nutrition, etc. Arrangements are made for their housing.

Sponsors are needed for their living expenses. The cost is U.S. $600. per student per year. Most courses are 3 years, except for graduate or medical school. From this money the students receive monthly stipends for textbooks, school supplies, winter clothing, medical visits, and food. They must bring into the office the item they bought (eg. boots) and show the receipt. Guiding them to handle money wisely is a large part of their education.

Over the 20 years of this program, graduates have been successful in finding work in their field, in the government, and even in prestigious spots like the Bill Clinton Foundation. They are very grateful. From a rocky start in life, we can help these children to find success in adulthood.

The Canada-Ukraine Foundation is very honoured to support the Stependiat program and administer donations from Canadian donors.

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CUF President announces inaugural members of CUF Advisory Council

CUF leadership has recognized that we have individuals in Canada, Ukraine and other parts of the world who can be resources to CUF without formally joining its board. We have had guest members on some of our committees and this continues to this day. To build on our depth of understanding in the various areas of our program and project work, the CUF board recently approved the creation of an advisory council, to “provide strategic and other sector specific advice to the President, the Board, the Executive and other Board Committees of CUF on matters and areas of activity undertaken by CUF.” From time to time, we will announce new advisory council members to support CUF priorities.
Today, I am delighted to announce the inaugural members of the Canada-Ukraine Foundation Advisory Council. They are subject matter experts, leaders and influencers in their respective fields, and our board and committees look forward to acquiring guidance and inspiration in their areas of expertise, as well as augmenting our youth engagement and succession planning capabilities.

Education Advisory Council

Sergiy Kvit, an expert and a commentator on educational issues, currently is the Head of the National Agency for Higher Education Quality Assurance and a professor of Kyiv-Mohyla School of Journalism. In 2002-07, he was a Dean of the Faculty of Social Studies Faculty at the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. He founded the Kyiv-Mohyla School of Journalism in 2001 and became a President of the Media Reform Centre, set up to initiate open debate and promote more transparent media and government. In 2005-2011, he was a Chairman of the Consortium of University Autonomy. He has been rector (president) of the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy from 2007 until 2014. Serhiy Kvit occupied the position of the Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine in 2014-2016 when progressive Laws “On Higher Education” (2014) and “On Scientific and Scientific-Technical Activity” (On Science and Research, 2015) were adopted. In 2015, Sergiy Kvit signed an agreement that allowed Ukrainian scientists and businesses to fully participate in Horizon 2020 (H2020), the European Union’s flagship research program. Dr. Kvit’s research focuses on educational and media reforms, mass communications, and philosophical hermeneutics; he has published several books and numerous articles. He has a Ph.D. from the Ukrainian Free University (Germany) and a doctorate in philology. He held Fulbright scholarship at Ohio University and Stanford University, Kennan Institute scholarship at the Woodrow Wilson International Centre in Washington, DC and a DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) scholarship at the University of Cologne.

Anna Novosad, served as Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine from August 2019 till March 2020. On her position managed to roll out systemic reform of higher education funding and governance, and successfully lobbied for endorsement of the new Law on general secondary education, which allowed to continue the general school reform. Prior to the Ministerial post Anna held different positions at the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. At various times she served as a counsellor to the Minister, head of international relations and head of strategic planning and European integration, where she expanded the EU-Ukraine cooperation in science and education and accomplished the Ukraine’s association to the Horizon 2020 program. Anna joined the public service in 2014, after the Ukrainian Revolution of Dignity. In 2019 was elected as a member of Ukrainian Parliament. Currently remains in education sector in expert role. Canada-Ukraine Parliamentary Program 2013 alumni. US State Department Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program fellow 2021-2022. Holds MA degree in Analyzing Europe from the Maastricht University, the Netherlands, and BA degree in Political Science from the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy in Ukraine.

Healthcare Advisory Council

Dr. Oleh Antonyshyn is a Professor in the Division of Plastic Surgery at the University of Toronto, with a subspecialty practice in craniomaxillofacial surgery. He earned his medical degree from the University of Toronto in 1980, and completed his surgical residency at the University of Western Ontario in 1985. Following his certification in Plastic Surgery, he pursued an additional 4 years of subspecialty fellowship training in craniofacial surgery including a traveling fellowship in Europe and Mexico City. Dr Antonyshyn began his clinical practice in The Division of Plastic Surgery at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1989, where he established a pediatric and adult craniofacial program. In 1992, he assumed the position of Head, Division of Plastic Surgery, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, and in 1996, established the Adult Craniofacial Program to address the specific needs of adult patients with post-traumatic and post-ablative craniofacial deformities. Dr. Antonyshyn is an Associate Scientist, Imaging and Trauma Research at Sunnybrook Research Institute. His research focus is in 3D craniofacial computer assisted modeling and design. He is a cofounder and partner in a surgical device startup company called Calavera Surgical Design. Dr Antonyshyn is actively engaged in humanitarian surgery initiatives and global surgery education. April 2014, he travelled to Ukraine as part of a Medical Needs Assessment team to assess the capacity to manage trauma following Maidan. Since then, he has led 6 Canadian surgical missions to Ukraine, to teach and perform reconstructive procedures in both civilian and military war casualties. Feb 2016, he received the Order of Merit from the president of Ukraine, and Nov 2018, he was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal by the Governor General of Canada for his efforts. January 2019 Dr Antonyshyn launched the Sunnybrook Ukraine Surgery Education Partnership.

Youth Engagement Advisory Council

Roman Grod is the Past President of SUSK and the Vice President of the World Congress of Ukrainian Youth Organizations. Roman holds a degree in Economics from Wilfred Laurier University and is currently employed as the Lead Analyst, Canadian Markets at Rodan Energy Solutions a leading North American energy management company. Prior to his current role Roman served on the SUSK board of directors for 4 years, as Alumni Director, Treasurer, and for his last two years as President. Roman’s key highlights as president were the launch of SUSK Connect, global education on the current situation in Ukraine, continuing to grow the SUSK endowment, national Holodomor advocacy, creating a space for Ukrainian Students across the country to get involved and much more. In 2021 Roman was nominated as one of the top 30under30, which recognized emerging Ukrainian diaspora youth leaders under 30.

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Education Committee Update

It was another adventure for teachers in Canada working with their colleagues in Ukraine through Skype and ZOOM during the summer of 2020.  With their counterparts in Ukraine, the Canadian teachers continued their creation and update of professional development programs for teachers in Ukraine during the summer. 

Ukrainian-Canadian teachers, members of the Institute for Professional Development of Teachers with the Ukrainian World Congress, worked with partnered teachers in Ukraine to develop handbooks and other materials.      

In previous years, the Canadian teachers came to Ukraine to hold summer courses certified and added to a Ukrainian teacher’s qualifications. In 2019, as in prior years, the Canada-Ukraine Foundation made it financially possible for the Canadians to come to Ukraine. The Ukraine Boards of Education made it possible for all the local participants to be billeted and accommodated.  The CUF courses were held in Lviv and Mukachevo.

Participation included 20 schools from the Lviv district, five schools from the Lviv region, and 17 schools from the Mukachevo-Transcarpathian school district. Each school sent a team of educators that included the principal, vice-principal in charge of student guidance, an elementary teacher, a science teacher, a language and literature teacher, a foreign language teacher, a mathematics teacher, and a school psychologist. In addition to the school-based teams, educational specialists from the Center of Educational Studies in Lviv and the Mukachevo Council of Education, Youth and Sport attended the courses.

The Institute of Professional Development, based in Toronto, Canada, has been collaborating with the Department of Humanitarian Affairs and the Department of Education of the Lviv City Council for 26 years. In 2019, the Institute collaborated for the first time with the Mukachevo City Council in the Transcarpathian Oblast.

Canadian team members were:

Summer Institute Director:  Nadia Luciw –  Toronto

Principal’s course:  Bohdan Kolos –  Toronto

Vice-Principal’s course:  Christina Yurchuk – Toronto

Elementary panel:  Oksana Wynnyckyj-Yusypovych – Lviv / Toronto

Ukrainian Language and Literature: Sophia Berezowsky –  Toronto

School psychologists:  Melania Kovaluk – Ottawa

Science: Borislav Bilash II – New Jersey / Winnipeg

Foreign languages:  Iryna Perehinets – Toronto

Mathematics:   Christine Zeltway –  Toronto

The collaborative work goal was to prepare a new generation of teachers with a student-centred approach to teaching that fosters critical thinking and interactive, life-long creative learning.

During the first week of the Summer Institute in 2019, from July 1-5, 220 teachers and administrators from 25 schools from the Lviv region collaborated with their Canadian and Ukrainian colleagues and participated in workshops led by the Canadian and Ukrainian instructors.

In the second week of the Summer Institute, from July 8-12, 17 school-based teams, including 178 administrators, school psychologists and teachers from Mukachevo, participated in courses conducted by Canadian and Ukrainian educators. These courses focused on innovative learning materials that allowed the teams to develop school-based action plans that ensure the New Ukrainian School curriculum’s successful implementation.


Jaroslaw Zajszlyj Memorial Fund

This memorial fund was set up in 2016 by Irena Bell in memory of her father. The Fund annually awards a number of scholarships at the Lviv National Agrarian University (LNAU) to students nominated by the University. Lviv National Agrarian University is a coeducational non-profit polytechnic that offers courses and programs leading to officially recognized higher education degrees in several areas of study. Established in 1856, Lviv National Agrarian University (LNAU) is located in the town of Dubliany, Lviv Oblast.

Click here to donate


Kyiv Mohyla University Project – Naukma

After several years of initial efforts by the Friends of NAUKMA, CUF took over the management of all Canadian support for the Kyiv Mohyla Institute, now the National Kyiv-Mohyla University. Very significant funds have been directed over the years, to the development of this celebrated University. This support continues today.


Melania Kovaluk Memorial Fund Scholarships Project

This Memorial Fund, setup with CUF and USUF, privately funded by the descendants of the late Melania Kovaluk, provides yearly scholarships to about 8-13 high school graduates from Melania Kovaluk’s home village of Zabolotivtsi, who pursue studies at a higher level. It is managed out of Ottawa.

This type of fund is an excellent example of how a Canadian/American family or organization can, through CUF, provide very valuable, targeted assistance to selected groups or organizations in Ukraine.

It should be noted that this Fund is invested by CUF through the Taras Shevchenko Foundation’s very experienced and successful investment arm.

This type of fund is an excellent example of how a Canadian/American family or organization can, through CUF, provide very valuable, targeted assistance to selected groups or organizations in Ukraine.

It should be noted that this Fund is invested by CUF through the Taras Shevchenko Foundation’s very experienced and successful investment arm.

Допомога студентам в Україні.

Студенти Заболотівецької Основної Школи, Жидачівського району, Львівської області одержують допомогу із тривалого фонду ім.Меланії Денис-Ковалюк (фонд МК), створений із пожертв її шістьох дітей. Із відсотків вложеного капіталу, Фонд МК вручаєс типендії усім студентам, які поступають на вищі студії. Цей фонд адмініструє Канадсько-Українська Фундація (КУФ) при співпраці з Фундацією Україна-США (ФУСША). Студенти Львівської області, які вивчають українську історію, мову і літературу на ступені бакалявра, магістра і аспіранта, мають можливість податися на МК-ТК стипендію, створену Канадсько-Українською Фундацією, з пожертв внучки св.п.Меланії, Тані Ковалюк.

Цього року, вже 7-ий раз, у неділю 6 липня 2008р., в Заболотівецькій Основній Школі, з фонду МК відбулося вручання грамот і стипендій. 13-ьом стипендистам вручено по $300.-, на суму $3,900.-US. Цьогорічна висота стипендії збільшилася втричі в порівнанні з попередніми роками, завдяки жертвенним членам родини Ковалюк із США, Швеції і Канади, пожертви яких збільшили нерухому суму $26,000.- до $50,000.-Кан. Саме це уможливило КУФ вложити цю суму на вищий відсоток у Шевченківській Фундації в Канаді. Присутніми на цій святочній зустрічі, крім стипендистів і директора школи п.Ліди Денис, були представники бюро КУФ у Львові п.Ліда Андрушко і бюро ФУСША Петро Мавко. З Канади і США прибуло п’ять осіб із родини Ковалюк. Всі висловили бажання, щоб у майбутньому Заболотівчани чисельніше брали участь у підготовці і в остаточному вручанні стипендій заболотівецьким дітям. Така подія повинна вкорінитися в громаді, як вияв глибокого розуміння і вдячности жертводавцям, які шануючи покійну матір зробили таке достойне діло для її улюбленого села.

День перед врученням стипендій стипендистам із фонду МК, в суботу 5 липня 2008р., в приміщені Канадського Консульства у Львові, відбулося вручання грамот і стипендій успішним кандидатам стипендистам Фонду МК-ТК. Семи-членна Комісія, яку очолює директор бюро КУФ у Львові п.Ліда Андрушко, після співбесіди з кандидатами, призначила 11-тьом успішним кандидатам стипендії у межах від $160.- до $1000.-Кан., з повної пожертви $4000.-Кан.,.. Присутні на цій святочній події, крім почесного консула Канади у Львові п.Оксани Винницької і директора бюро КУФ у Львові п.Ліди Андрушко, були: член дирекції КУФ, проф.Роман Петришин із Едмонтону і член Комісії МК-ТК Володимир Полулях. Пані Оксана Винницька привітала присутніх і передала Ліді Андрушко переведення вручання грамот і стипендій. Перебіг подій фільмував 12-ий телевізийний канал, оператор Андрій Рожанський, а бесіду вела кореспондентка Христина Процак з кількома присутніми. На другий день 12-ий канал подав цікаво зредаговані бесіди і гарний репортаж у «Вістях». Перебіг вручання грамот і стипендій відбувався зорганізовано: вручали грамоту і конверту із точно приділеною сумою у гривнях, яку кожний стипендист потвердив своїм підписом. Відомість про це, яку суму одержав кожний стипендист, потвердили підписами три присутні особи. Тоді слідували індивідуальні знимки стипендистів, спільна знимка всіх присутніх і спільна знимка стипендистів. Скромним прийняттям із солодощами, водою із соком, та іншими присмаками закінчено гарно зорганізовану і приємну подію.

На обох вище згаданих прийняттях присутні мали можливість оглянути Книгу Фото-Альбом, над якою Богдан Ковалюк, адміністратор МК і МК-ТК фондів, працював понад сім років. Він пояснив присутнім, що ця книга послужить, у першу чергу кожному, хто зацікавлений створити подібний фонд, який матиме за ціль допомогти студентам почати і закінчити вищі студії з україністики в Україні. Книга має 282 сторінок, із яких понад 200 – це знимки з подій таких як: вручання стипендій від 2002 до 2008 року, посвячення святкової дошки св.п.Меланії Денис-Ковалюк, патрона МК фонду, знимки жертводавців, ініціяторів стипендійного фонду, і тих хто допоміг завершити діло, яке спершу виглядало неможливим,через розпорошення жертводавців у США, Швеції і Канаді. Цю книгу вручено пані Ліді Денис, для вжитку студентів і жителів села Заболотівці. Також один примірник цієї книги передано до бюро КУФ у Львові.

Богдан Ковалюк, адміністратор МК і МК-ТК фондів, КУФ, Оттава. 11 серпня 2008р.

M. Kovaluk Scholarships Recipients
M. Kovaluk Scholarship Recipients 2007
M. Kovaluk Memorial Scholarship Certificate