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Canada-Ukraine Foundation partners with Shevchenko Foundation to launch post-secondary support for displaced Ukrainian students

The Canada-Ukraine Foundation (CUF) and the Shevchenko Foundation (TSF) today announced a new bursary for displaced Ukrainian students pursuing post secondary studies in Canada.

The CUF Bursary Fund for Displaced Post-Secondary Ukrainian Students will provide financial assistance to displaced Ukrainians enrolled in Canadian post-secondary learning institutions.

An initial $300,000 contribution by the Canada-Ukraine Foundation to the CUF Bursary Fund will allow for 60 successful applicants to be awarded $5,000 each toward their post-secondary costs.

“We’re pleased that CUF has chosen TSF as a trusted partner with which to establish this invaluable bursary,” stated Boris Balan, Shevchenko Foundation President. “We have introduced a series of special grants to assist the Ukrainian community in welcoming and supporting newcomers to Canada since the full-scale invasion of Ukraine. This bursary will support a critical need among Ukrainian students who must now realize their educational aspirations in a new country.”

Many post-secondary students have arrived to Canada from Ukraine since February 24, 2022, on the Canada-Ukraine authorization for emergency travel (CUAET) visa, one of the special measures the Government of Canada has introduced to support the people of Ukraine. It offers Ukrainians and their family members extended temporary status and allows them to work, study and stay in Canada until it is safe for them to return home.

“The Shevchenko Foundation has demonstrated leadership in scholarships and bursaries for students  for decades – they’re an ideal partner to make this happen and do it right,” said Orest Sklierenko, President and CEO of the Canada-Ukraine Foundation. “We are constantly evolving our humanitarian work to support Ukrainians suffering and displaced by Russia’s barbaric war. This is just the latest initiative, and we look forward to more innovative ways to help Ukrainians in their time of need.”

“We believe that an investment in our young people will not only benefit the student but serve the betterment of both Canada and Ukraine,” added Bohdan Kolos, Chair of the Education Committee of the Canada-Ukraine Foundation.


The Canada-Ukraine Foundation is a national charitable foundation established in 1995 at the 18th Ukrainian Canadian Congress to coordinate, develop, organize and deliver assistance projects by Canadians directed to Ukraine and other organizations in Canada.

The Shevchenko Foundation is a leading nationwide charitable organization entrusted to preserve, develop, and promote Ukrainian Canadian arts, heritage, community, and education.

Information on the bursary: CUF Bursary for Displaced Post-Secondary Ukrainian Students