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The World Health Organization estimates that 1-2% of people worldwide have celiac disease, an autoimmune disorder resulting from a permanent intolerance to gluten. In Ukraine, according to experts, at least 300 thousand suffer from this disease.

“People can have gluten intolerance and may not know about it for years, and at the same time be treated for diseases caused by gluten intolerance.” explains Dr. Olga Naumova, an allergist, President of the Ukrainian Celiac Society.

Fifteen years ago, Dr. Naumova united families with children suffering from celiac disease and founded the Ukrainian Celiac Society. For the past decade, Dr. Naumova and volunteers have been conducting educational campaigns, explaining the dire consequences of this disease such as diabetes and infertility.

Before Russia’s full-scale invasion, there was a new, developing market focused on manufacturing of gluten-free foods. Eleven family-run Ukrainian companies produced licensed gluten-free products – four of them are currently under Russia’s temporary occupation and three ceased to exist. Families in need of gluten-free foods, have been facing both a sharp reduction in availability and significant price increase.

A grant from the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal (UHA) – a joint effort of the Canada-Ukraine Foundation and the Ukrainian Canadian Congress, to the Ukrainian Celiac Society is providing around 1,000 specialized food boxes a month for families with children suffering from gluten intolerance over a period of 12 months.

Thanks to the support of our Donors, with this grant we are helping families with children suffering from Celiac disease and support local manufacturers of licensed gluten-free foods.

“For parents of children with celiac disease, it is important not only to receive a specialty food box but also be able to source locally these foods in the future. The grant from UHA helps these families sustain their children’s health and the health of small niche businesses,” emphasized Dr. Olga Naumenko.

Thank you to all who continuously enable a variety of humanitarian aid to Ukraine through the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal – do donate, please follow the link


Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal (UHA) was launched in January of 2022 by the Canada-Ukraine Foundation (CUF) and the Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC) to coordinate the provision of humanitarian assistance quickly and efficiently to civilians impacted by Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, including relief for displaced persons in Europe and Canada.

To date, we have delivered over $70 million in food, medicine, emergency shelter, mental health support, surgical aid, firefighter gear, individual first aid kits, ambulances, generators, and many more types of aid, including in-kind donations.

Please click here to read further about our humanitarian relief efforts since the full-scale invasion on February 24th, 2022.

Canada-Ukraine Foundation (CUF) was established in 1995 to coordinate, develop, organize and implement aid projects created by Canadians and directed to Ukraine.

News Humanitarian/Medical Projects

Four boats handed over to State Emergency Services of Ukraine for Special Rescue Operations

Ukraine has been living in a state of full-scale war since February 24, 2022. Its civilian infrastructure has been targeted on a daily basis – from residential buildings, hospitals, schools, day cares, and town squares, to power grids and, more recently, the Kakhovka water dam, that significantly escalated the humanitarian and caused ecological catastrophe in Ukraine, leaving behind an irreversible and devastating impact on the lives of thousands.

The destruction of the Kakhovka Dam revealed shortages in the stock of rescue boats and other equipment available to the branch of Ukraine’s State Emergency Services in Kherson, which was due to the region’s occupation by Russia for over 9 months. During that time, the offices and supply warehouses of the State Emergency Services in the area were robbed and damaged.

As reported in June, following the attack on the Kakhovka Dam on June 6th, the Canada-Ukraine Foundation (CUF) and the Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC), through their joint effort – Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal, immediately redirected the delivery of food boxes and family emergency kits (consisting of a water purification unit, hygiene kit and a solar light) to the regions affected by the disaster. As of today, the CUF-UCC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal has also donated 4 motorized rescue boats – 2 Ribs and 2 Navigators, to the State Emergency Services of Ukraine in an effort to begin replenishing their stock.

“In order to save people during the flood caused by the destruction of the Kakhovka Dam, rescuers of the State Emergency Services brought boats from other departments across Ukraine. For example, 90% of the watercraft kept in Kyiv, were transferred to Kherson region,” explains Oleksandr Melnyk, deputy head of the department of special technical support of the Main Directorate of the State Emergency Services. “Therefore, the boats we now received through the CUF-UCC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal, are very important, as we will be able to start replenishing some of our emergency stock located in various regions.”

Two Navigator boats received by the State Emergency Services were transferred to their branch in the city of Dnipro, and two hard-bottomed Rib boats were transferred to the Kyiv branch. 

The aid that the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal has been delivering to Ukraine over the past 18 months is vast and diverse, and is made possible by our donors – thank you!


Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal (UHA) was launched in 2022 by the Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC) and the Canada-Ukraine Foundation (CUF) to coordinate the provision of humanitarian assistance quickly and efficiently to civilians impacted by Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, including relief for displaced persons in Europe and Canada.

To date, we have delivered over $44 million in food, medicine, emergency shelter, mental health support, surgical aid, firefighters gear, individual first aid kits, ambulances, generators, and many more types of aid. Please click here to read further about our humanitarian relief efforts since the full-scale invasion on February 24th, 2022.

Canada-Ukraine Foundation (CUF) was established in 1995 to coordinate, develop, organize and implement aid projects created by Canadians and directed to Ukraine. Read more about CUF’s history on Wikipedia and donate.


Aid for Artists

Art is the soul of our people; our strength and identity.

The AID for ARTISTS fund of the Canada-Ukraine Foundation provides an outlet for the community at large to support the arts and artists of Ukraine who keep our homeland forward-facing, courageous and united. Preserving and advancing Ukrainian culture is now more important than ever.

Projects related to re-establishment, creation, and jobs in the arts sector will be considered. Funding will go to: individuals, organizations, all genres of visual & performing arts of Ukraine

AID for ARTISTS funds artists, arts workers, arts organizations, arts institutions and artist advocates to improve the preservation, promotion and development of Ukrainian arts in Ukraine.

QR Code – Aid for Artists


Aid for Artists Committee

Brian Cherwick
Dr. Brian Cherwick (he/him)
Brian Cherwick is a multi-instrumentalist who has performed throughout North America, Europe, and the Caribbean as a soloist, with a number of folk ensembles, and as leader of the award-winning speed-folk group Kubasonics. He has documented musical traditions of Ukrainians throughout western Canada and western Ukraine, and his solo shows, featuring dozens of traditional instruments, are a fascinating excursion through the world of Ukrainian folk music.

By supporting Ukrainian artists, we are helping Ukraine and its culture emerge from the shadows of imperialism and to its rightful place on the world stage. – Dr. Brian Cherwick

Darka Tarnawsky

Darka Tarnawsky

Darka Tarnawsky is founding president of Bottom Line Productions, a Canadian arts marketing firm, and has been involved in the industry as a performer, volunteer, supporter and professional manager for over 30 years. Her client roster has included Edmonton Opera; Edmonton International Jazz Festival; Royal Winnipeg Ballet; Cirque du Soleil, Cavalia and Broadway Across Canada… to name a few.

Darka was the recipient of the 1998 Macewan Distinguished Alumni Award and won the Mayor’s Award for Promotion of the Arts in Edmonton in 2005.

She was a part-time instructor and curriculum developer in the Faculty of Fine Arts & Communications: Arts & Cultural Management Program at Macewan University from 2003 to 2016. Her faculty work focused on publicity/media relations, marketing principles, and audience/resource development.

Darka is a former Ukrainian Shumka Dancer, a Lifetime Honorary Member and current Executive Director of the organization. As ED, she has overseen the development of several new artistic works and community engagement projects for the 60-year old Canadian arts institution.

The arts have been an important part of my life because of growing up in a Ukrainian family where culture was always at the forefront. The arts are an essential part of the lifestyle in Ukraine, and rebuilding what has been lost in the war must be a priority. Whether it is dance, poetry, music or visual arts, it is the voice and soul of our people. – Darka Tarnawsky

Laurence Ewashko
Laurence Ewashko
Laurence Ewashko is a tenured Full Professor at the University of Ottawa where he teaches choral techniques, conducts two choirs, teaches vocal repertoire and has a private voice studio. He was Music Director for the Cantata Singers of Ottawa and is former Chorus Master for Opera Lyra Ottawa.

He has also recorded recitals as baritone soloist for CBC/SRC and is in much demand as choral clinician, vocal coach, conductor, consultant, guest lecturer and adjudicator. He recently released as solo recording entitled “Bat’kivshchyna” with pianist Aude Urbancic. This fall his chamber choir Ewashko Singers will be featured on a new recording on Parma Records of Boston singing Heavenly Songs (eleven choral works for the Ukrainian Liturgy) Joanna Estelle Storoschuk. This past March he facilitated the Ottawa premier performance of an oratorio he commissioned to honor the 125th anniversary of Ukrainian Immigration to Canada in 2016. The 30-minute Golden Harvest was written by Larysa Kuzmenko and librettist Talia Zajac.

Through his extensive involvement with professional and amateur choirs and orchestras throughout Canada and Europe, Laurence Ewashko continues to contribute significantly to the quality and appreciation of choral music in Canada and abroad.

I have had the great opportunity to meet and observe, over the years, many people as they develop a profound love of musical excellence in the choral arts. Communal vocal expression creates musical beauty in vibrant venues and lifts the spirit, both of the performer and members of the audience. I hope that this fund will offer ensembles in Ukraine the opportunity to continue their important community service to offer healing and sustenance as Ukraine slowly rebuilds. – Laurence Ewashko

Tanya Mykytiuk
Tanya Mykytiuk

Tanya Mykytiuk is a graphic designer and folk artist in Toronto, Ontario who has been an active supporter of Ukrainian arts in Canada and beyond through dance, music, and visual arts her entire life. She is an alumna of Arkan Dance Company, where her passion for Ukrainian dance, folk dress and ethnographic diversity was first ignited.

She has been a volunteer, designer, and curator at the Ukrainian Museum of Canada, Ontario Branch and has worked with several Ukrainian arts groups across Canada and the US.

Tanya’s Ukrainian heritage is an integral part of her identity and contributes to her professional work with Ukrainian arts and non-profit organizations, as Ptashka. Also known as “Ukrainian Chicken”, Tanya is proud to be part of the North American pysanka community and is dedicated to preserving the traditions of pysankarstvo, as well as promoting this art form within and beyond the Ukrainian diaspora.

It’s difficult to imagine a world without art, and Ukrainian arts in particular are intensely rich and diverse, capturing our complex history, the soul of our people, and the spirit of our ancestors. Supporting and rebuilding the arts community in Ukraine is integral to preserving Ukraine’s cultural legacy for generations to come. – Tanya Mykytiuk
Taras Kulish
Taras Kulish
Born and raised in Montreal, Taras speaks five languages and has over 30 years of experience in the performing arts sector. For 18 years, he was a professional opera singer, bass-baritone, who performed with opera companies all over North America and Europe. Currently, Taras is the Executive Director of the Orchestre Classique de Montréal (OCM).

Previous to that, he was the Interim Artistic Director at Calgary Opera from 2016 to 2018. For three years, he was the Executive Director of the McGill Chamber Orchestra, one of Canada’s oldest professional chamber ensembles. Taras was also the founding General & Artistic Director of the Green Mountain Opera Festival (2005-2012), a successful regional opera festival in Central Vermont.

Taras studied Economics at Concordia University, voice performance at McGill University and opera at the University of Toronto. He developed as a young performer at Vancouver Opera’s young artist program and several programs in the US including the Tanglewood Music Centre, Ravinia’s Steans Institute and the Aspen Opera Theatre.

Taras is proud to serve as the President of the Board of Directors of the Ukrainian National Federation of Quebec and is a member of the Music Committee of the Conseil des arts de Montréal.

Now, more than ever, we need to support artists in Ukraine, they are the heartbeat of our culture and our identity. This fund will offer them some support especially during this time of war. – Taras Kulish
Vince Rees
Vince Rees
Vincent Rees has been engaged in the Ukrainian community in more ways than one his entire life. Beginning with his passion for Ukrainian dance, he performed with the Ukrainian Shumka Dancers for many years before becoming a teacher, choreographer and director, who has taught all around the world. After completing an undergrad in Ukrainian Language and Literature and a Masters in Ukrainian Folklore, he was perfectly suited to begin sharing his passion with others and started leading groups tours to Ukraine. Word caught on and Cobblestone Freeway Tours was born – taking people to connect with their homeland of Ukraine but also throughout Eastern Europe. Vince is also the creator behind Ukrainian Dance World which connects groups from all over the world!
If we’re not fighting to preserve and promote the arts that define our culture…. then what are we fighting for? – Vince Rees

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