The CUF Education Committee works to promote cooperation between Canadian and Ukrainian educators for the purpose of professional development and strengthening the standard of education in Ukraine. This is achieved by the creation of resources, facilitation of workshops and management of programs. The Education Committee is also supported by the Jaroslaw Zajszlyj Memorial Fund, Melania Kovaluk Memorial Fund Scholarships Project, the Naukma project, and the COSBILD Scholarship Fund.

Education Committee Update

It was another adventure for teachers in Canada working with their colleagues in Ukraine through Skype and ZOOM during the …
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Jaroslaw Zajszlyj Memorial Fund

This memorial fund was set up in 2016 by Irena Bell in memory of her father. The Fund annually awards …
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Kyiv Mohyla University Project – Naukma

After several years of initial efforts by the Friends of NAUKMA, CUF took over the management of all Canadian support …
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Melania Kovaluk Memorial Fund Scholarships Project

This Memorial Fund, setup with CUF and USUF, privately funded by the descendants of the late Melania Kovaluk, provides yearly …
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COSBILD Scholarship Fund To Ivan Franko University, Lviv

This Fund, set up by with CUF by COSBILD, a Toronto-based Investment Club, provides three yearly scholarships to students of …
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Ukrainian Catholic Patriarchal Sobor in Kyiv

In July 2013, the Canada-Ukraine Foundation (CUF) was approached by 10 Ukrainian Canadian organizations to assist in raising funds within …
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