Civil Society

The CUF Civil Society Committee was formed to provide a framework for review and support of projects and programs that promote social justice and sustainable development in a free and democratic Ukraine. The mission of the Civil Society Committee is to support, enable and empower individuals and organizations in Ukraine to implement just, transparent, inclusive and democratic national policies, in efforts to contribute to sustainable development and enhance a learning culture for a civil society. 

Civil Society Committee Update

CANADA-UKRAINE FOUNDATION NEWSLETTER The CUF Civil Society Committee was formed as one of three programming committees to provide a framework …
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Petition To Have The Word “Holodomor” Included In The World’s Dictionaries

“#Deeptruth” Campaign by the National Holodomor Awareness Tour Cutting-edge “Deepfake” technology is typically used to manipulate the truth and promote …
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Project Liubov – Love

Project Liubov-Love (in short form PLL) was created in 2001 as a Western Canadian community based project to assist impoverished …
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